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Clashing in London

In honor of today’s opening of the XXX Olympic Games in London, it seems like a good time to roll the clock back a bit in service once more of our latest obsession, the Gates of Edam. Yes, we will … Continue reading

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Buncha Bored Punks

And off, or on, we go with our current “As Others Cheese Us” theme, taking a look at how non-U.S.-based artists see America. And in the case of the Clash, it’s rather a jaundiced view. (Helpful link for the e-mail … Continue reading

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The Last Punk Song

There’s a thing with punk rock. Anarchy is good, authority is bad, drugs are good as well as sex, and of course rock and roll can be good or bad depending on who’s doing the shouting. Playing your instrument and/or … Continue reading

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