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With half a heart

We’ve been bopping around in power pop as we continue our rundown of feelgood music but today’s song is probably pop, but not power at all: Steely Dan often sounded mellow, but were perhaps one of the most consistently misanthropic … Continue reading

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California tumbles into the sea

Education, of one kind or another, is what we’re about at the moment, and here’s a track from Steely Dan, engaging in one of their many specialties, which is to day describing relationships that are strained in very particular ways. … Continue reading

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The people down the hall know who you are

We got distracted for a minute, but now we’re back online at WMMCM, rolling along with our theme of the moment, which is to say drugs and related phenomena. So, in that vein, here’s “Kid Charlemagne”: (Video postage-stamped because of … Continue reading

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