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Doo What?

I’m at a bit of a loss today, since it’s usually Pete who is the Bringer of New Themes around here, but this time it appears it falls to me. But here we go! So: You are rock ‘n’ roll. … Continue reading

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Hi-class footwear

As we continue to roll back the British Invasion, an ode (or several odes) to the high-heel sneaker, the footwear equivalent of the Flying V. (Sneaker link for the e-mail people. Join the happy e-mail people!) From 1964, Tommy Tucker’s … Continue reading

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As of today we here at WMMCM are summarily dismissing summer – as over. It’s 60 degrees outside right now and it was 40 degrees this morning when I headed down the mountain wending my wild way to work. The radio … Continue reading

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