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Such Sweet Blindness

And, just for the heck of it, here’s an engaging song from the 5th Dimension, who were generally pretty engaging, and somewhat more adventurous than they probably got credit for in their ’60s heyday. They were never rock stars, they … Continue reading

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Lunar Stalking

We’re still mooning around here at WMMCM — in spite of work- and travel-related delays –so here’s a bit of fake folk from Cat Stevens, who was a bigger star in the ’70s than most people seem to remember. Something … Continue reading

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You ain’t nothin…

And, to wrap up our Aged Cheese category, where we have spent time pretending the British Invasion never occurred, one of the all-timers: “Hound Dog” e-mail link! Bridey: Man, he really could sing, couldn’t he? You kind of take it … Continue reading

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