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There are no reasons

A rare revisit here on WMMCM, since I wanted to get a little more deeply into a song that Pete slyly slid in as a quick Monday post in our ongoing series on songs about real people. Though in this … Continue reading

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I wanna bite the hand that feeds me

We are singing songs about songs, and here’s a seriously cheesed-off Elvis Costello: (Video postage-stamped because it’s kind of literal-minded and annoying.) “Radio Radio” got some airplay but it wasn’t a hit, and of course it was the song that … Continue reading

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Photographic Memories

Now that we’ve turned the corner from Sunday to Monday, a bit of British cheer seems in order. Not that the first one of these songs is really all that cheery. It’s actually a missing you/breakup/can’t live without you song … Continue reading

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