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A big, big man

Slipping a bit of country into our rundown of Bad music, with this one from Jimmy Dean: “Big Bad John” was a huge hit in 1961, winning the Grammy for best country & Western song. Story songs are always in … Continue reading

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The First Bohemian Rhapsody

In the early 70′s nearly any type of song could have a chance at getting on the radio. With musical styles changing so rapidly radio stations were always looking for something different as they tried to stay ahead of their competitors in that … Continue reading

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The Inexplicable ‘Bojangles’

As we run through our list of “Mr” songs, I suppose we have to mention this one, which started its dreary life as a country song in 1968. “Mr. Bojangles” was written by Jerry Jeff Walker, who ordinarily had better … Continue reading

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