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Just… The King

For the past few weeks we here at WMMCM have been wandering through the wilderness of the early days of rock n’ roll, when nobody was quite sure where this new form of music was heading. Was it country? Was … Continue reading

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You ain’t nothin…

And, to wrap up our Aged Cheese category, where we have spent time pretending the British Invasion never occurred, one of the all-timers: “Hound Dog” e-mail link! Bridey: Man, he really could sing, couldn’t he? You kind of take it … Continue reading

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Carl’s Blue Shoes

Well, we’re nearly out of blue-ness here at WMMCM and there’s no way we can be serious about blue without those old shoes that keep flying through the room when you least expect them. Now flying shoes tend to imply … Continue reading

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