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Add Three Brothers and Mix

Most recording artists struggle for many long, hard years to make it to the top level of the music business, only to see it all fade away in two or three all-too-short years. That doesn’t mean they fade into the … Continue reading

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I’ll Wait for Girls on Film

Wrapping up our angular adventures in audio absurdity, we here at WMMCM will have a go at mixing some English New Wave with some American hard rock and seeing what happens.   By 1981, New Wave had already been around for … Continue reading

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Should’ve Stayed ‘All By Myself’

And we begin a new obsession on WMMCM: Great Wimp Rock Songs of the ’70s — a tribute to self-pity, self-deception, and general self-indulgence. And we’re focusing on the Me Decade because all these singer-songwriter hits focus on one thing: … Continue reading

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