We Don’t Need No…

Next up in our study of Educated Cheese is yet another little ditty from Merry Olde England, that land of terrified school children and wicked teachers. Its quite enjoyable to find, as Bridey wrote yesterday, that Ray Davies of The Kinks was able to either escape the harsher elements of an English education or at the very least was to not willing to dwell on it for the rest of his life.

But then, when were The Kinks not different from everybody else?

On the other hand there is a band that stayed depressed and bothered nearly their whole career. This depression could at times be about World War Two, the pressures of being a star, the music business, a whole host of issues seemed to plague this bands music.

In 1979 they created their masterpiece, a double album extravaganza of depression and obsession this time starting at the beginning, which meant he had to go to school.

Pink Floyd had long since become one of the most popular and successful bands in the world by the time Roger Waters, David Gilmore, Nick Mason and Richard Wright created The Wall in 1979. Keeping with the dark and often quite experimental sounds Pink Floyd had been doing since their founding The Wall was excessive in every way. And being so delightfully excessive it also allowed them to package every neurosis, paranoia and delusion into a nearly hour and a half story of rock star Pink’s boyhood, rise to drug addled fame and eventual redemption.

“Another Brick in the Wall” is probably the most disturbing of all the schools songs from the British camp.

“When we grew up and went to school, there were certain teachers who would hurt
the children anyway they could.
By pouring their derision upon anything we did,
exposing every weakness however carefully hidden by the kids.

But in the town it was well known that when they got home at night
their fat and psychopathic wives
Would thrash them within inches of their lives!”

Waters’ creepy low voice is dripping with anger at his school masters as he describes the ill treatment received - that is - until he’s gleefully psychotic as he lets the dirty secret out of the bag.

“We don’t need no education
We don’t need no thought control
No dark sarcasm in the classroom
Teachers leave them kids alone
Hey! Teacher! Leave them kids alone!”

Some of the most famous words in rock n’ roll. “We don’t need no education.”

This seems to be the defiance that is thought about but never – in reality – offered up. And its classic Pink Floyd.

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One Response to We Don’t Need No…

  1. Michele says:

    Haven’t seen the whole production, but it is an all time favorite album. With classroom scenes right out of a Holocaust Movie, coupled with imagery from movies like “Soylent Green” how much more could you pack into a six minute video clip? Saying that, the whole song was a protest for us, against rote memorization way back when. This was the song that signaled summer was here and it was time to get out and enjoy life…♫

    Thanks for this one Pete