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Wish You Were Here: Part One

For all of you loyal CheeseMetalers out there who have been wondering where I’ve been, contrary to the rumours out there, I have not been eaten by wolves. Though try they did. Actually, what I have been doing these past few … Continue reading

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(DDD) Dire (Digital) Straits

In October of 1982 my own little corner of the world got a bit more musically interesting when my neighborhood was finally hooked up for cable TV. This strange new medium had been around for a while, we kept hearing about … Continue reading

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WHO the heck is Bob Pridden?

The Who’s recent performance at the “Really Big Game Halftime Show” (please don’t sue me…) pointed out more than a few absurdities. I don’t know about the rest of you folks, but I am nearly always appalled at how crappy the … Continue reading

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