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Pete is a professional-musician-with-a-day-job based in California's Inland Empire, as well as a veteran sound engineer in the studio and for live shows. He's been a lover of classic rock since back when it was known as "rock" and has in more recent years developed a country habit as well.

Opening Doors

Now that we’ve made it through the Holiday Season and those pesky Mayans seemed to have missed the mark once more it’s time for something new here at WMMCM. We’re going to be heading in a slightly different direction in … Continue reading

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Deserted on The Moon

There comes a time in practically every band’s lifespan that one member or another decides to move on. Sometimes it’s willingly as when Bill Berry decided to leave his post as the drummer of REM over a decade before they … Continue reading

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King of the Moon!

Given the past few weeks here at WMMCM, one could be forgiven for thinking that this had happened to us… This E-Mail has Gone to The Moon! Yes, it’s been a rough couple of weeks here at WMMCM what with … Continue reading

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