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Pete is a professional-musician-with-a-day-job based in California's Inland Empire, as well as a veteran sound engineer in the studio and for live shows. He's been a lover of classic rock since back when it was known as "rock" and has in more recent years developed a country habit as well.

Wish You Were Here: Part One

For all of you loyal CheeseMetalers out there who have been wondering where I’ve been, contrary to the rumours out there, I have not been eaten by wolves. Though try they did. Actually, what I have been doing these past few … Continue reading

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I Believed In You!

Now that I have successfully rid myself of those pesky wolves, it’s time to get back to work. As I noted a while back, the direction of WMMCM is shifting a bit. We’ve decided to get more adventurous in where … Continue reading

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Death Valley Inspiration

Once in a while there comes along a song that refuses to go away. On occasion you don’t want anything more than that it would. Other times the song has such life to it that every time you hear it, … Continue reading

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