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Bridey has been a music nut since falling in love with Elton John's "Caribou" album in grade school (why that one? I was nine). She's a magazine editor by trade who writes regularly about radio, music, and related industries.

Getting out of Dodge, or Denver

Coming to the end of the season here in southern Nevada, and the snowbirds have begun heading back north to places with less irrational weather (average summer day in Laughlin/Bullhead City: 112). Nevada of course switched to Daylight Saving, so … Continue reading

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The Most Sociopathic Song of the ’70s?

Well, it’s me again, since Pete, the co-blogger with whom I ordinarily alternate, has apparently been eaten by wolves. So I thought I’d write about this little story song from 1972. People were suckers for story songs about then, and … Continue reading

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Such Sweet Blindness

And, just for the heck of it, here’s an engaging song from the 5th Dimension, who were generally pretty engaging, and somewhat more adventurous than they probably got credit for in their ’60s heyday. They were never rock stars, they … Continue reading

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